AI in Data Governance

Future of Data Governance

Implementation of cloud based services

Amazon has a growing number of services that help with governing data in the cloud. As a result Data Governance teams will need to learn how to utilize them and determine which services

Implementation of AI

Currently there are no Data Governance tools taking advantage of AI to help with governance. Some examples of AI include assistive business definition creation, data labeling, 

Must know Data Governance Vocabulary

Data Governance Applications 

Data Governance Success Measures

Data Quality Rules - Can AI Help?

Yes but since general AI doesn't exist yet we will need human input, it's not out of this world for a data governance application to analyze a dataset and suggest data quality rules. I'm hoping the data governance applications begin to implement something like this feature, it would reduce the amount of human involvement at the least. There could even be an ML model for specific dataset contents, for example a database field "SSN" could be read and identified as a social security field. The model would then suggest data quality rules and ask for human input, this is taking use of the data labeling concept.

Data Governance Policies

What is a Data Governance Policy?
Describes guidelines for data which the enterprise wants to follow for its data management

Why are policies needed?
Communicates what guidelines need to be followed and it will result in a positive outcome

What are some examples?
Data Retention
Data Integrity

Data Classification


Highly Confidential



Internal Only

Data Quality